Monday, November 12, 2012

An App For the Udder Side

With all this campaigning for president business going on for the last month it has been hard to keep up with reports from The Farmer. The most interesting thing he has been doing is sowing winter wheat. With the odd fall harvest his empty corn fields have a solid growth of grass on them.

Normally we've seen him work the ground up a little before planting. We heard him talking the other day about how with the season getting late and the rain coming every week he would never get the fields worked up enough to kill the grass and still have time to plant. So this year he elected to have the fields sprayed to kill the grass. This enabled him to no-till plant, that is not work or till the ground up, and spend much less fuel and energy preparing the fields.

The Udder Side App
To keep the agents more aware of what's going on I authorized Agent 451, a cell phone expert, and a few others to purchase smart phones for everyone. My only constraint was that they get me the best one. Then I asked them to create one of those apps for the Udder Side like everyone is always yammering about to help us with our reports. The good news: they did exactly what I asked. The bad news: the best smart phone turns out to be an iPhone and the app was written for their Android phones. They tell me I'll have one soon and I said I wasn't spending so much of our budget so they could sit around and play Jet Pack Joyride! Get it done!

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.


I have now seen the Android App and there is room for improvement. The iPhone version better be worth it when it comes out.

Agent 101


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    1. I've been working hard to earn that! Thanks!

  2. Did you share your thoughts on Farmers versus the Walking Dead?

    Mine was the tweet that started it all, so I'm trying to get as much feedback as possible as to the best farming equipment to use against zombies.

    1. So glad you got the conversation going! We definitely want to be prepared. You remember the other tv show, right?

      Scary stuff!