Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Milk For Christmas

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present? Diamonds, darling, used to be a girl's best friend, but no more. Don't even think about things with a cord (washer, crockpot, or iron) if you wish to have a pleasent new year.

What is a great gift? What about one that shows you care about your loved one's health? One that proves you want them to live long and spend the rest of their life with you? What is that special gift?

It has to be milk.

A tall cup of milk or bowl of delicious ice cream. Nothing says you care better than dairy. Think I'm a crazy cow? Then I would point you to China where milk is given as a gift, and an upscale gift, too, I I might add. The world's most populous country has found the perfect gift and so can you.

But what about the less fortunate, the ones who can't afford a gallon of my nine essential nutrients laden milk? What better time than Christmas than to share good news, good spirits of joy, and something deliciously dairy?

Now I know The Farmer has done his part and now you have the opportunity to do yours. Share the video above or make a donation and having it matched gallon for gallon. A little effort here can go a long ways for those who need milk most.

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thankful For Honesty

Last week everyone had the opportunity to reflect on the things they are thankful for. Me? I could easily say a clean water trough and a fresh scoop of feed and getting to hear Shake It Off one more time. Well, there are somethings I suppose I'm not thankful for. Perhaps I should be thankful for honesty.

Facebook put together a map of what people are thankful for based on what was posted in each state.


Sure you have some typical things such as God down in the Bible Belt, but there were some interesting outcomes. Lets imagine there this as a state beauty contest and we're at the point where you say what your state is most thankful for.

Texas: "The rain." Makes sense, right? Certainly with the drought they've been experiencing there and elsewhere.

Alaska: "Children's laughter." You can't go wrong speaking nicely about children.

Michigan: "Electricity." A practical, and house warming, if not heart warming, answer especially in cold wintered state.

Wyoming, Nevada, and Pennsylvania: "Country music." Personally I'm hoping that country music is making a renaissance in those states as opposed to what's on the radio here, but maybe they the truth is they found stations that don't play Shake It Off.

New Hampshire: "Netflix." While it might be easy to dismiss the video streaming service as a shallow choice what would you do if you were stuck in the house during a huge snow with you, your kids, and your mother-in-law all stuck in one room staring at each other? Yes, be thankful you have Netflix.

Where was milk and other dairy products you might ask? Obviously they were the number one thing for each state and I cite the lack of dairy mentioned for Wisconsin, a huge dairy state, as proof. If Facebook had reported the real number one then there would be nothing for me to write about. So, like Taylor Swift, go ahead and shake it off (one more time) and drink your milk.

Agent 243, reporting for the Udder Side.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Starbucks, About That #OrganicMilkNext

"Are you getting your usual White Chocolate Mocha, Bessie?"

Dear Starbucks,

We love your coffee and wish The Farmer would serve it to us on a regular basis.  Over the weekend we saw quite a bit of chatter over your use of milk with your delicious coffee particularly with the #OrganicMilkNext hashtag.

Should you only purchase milk from organic dairy farms as this campaign encourages you? I think this goes against everything Starbucks stands for. Why choose you instead of another coffee house? The key word is "choose." At Starbucks you obviously have as many choices that could possibly be imagined.

Case in point with this order.

If some of your customers want organic milk, then add it to your offerings. As long as it doesn't raise prices across the board as some have suggested. We cows want you to enjoy your dairy. We're not asking you to get rid of fake dairy products like the dreaded "soy" milk, which is obviously anything but real milk. When they taste the best, most folks realize the best cream really does rise to the top.

Milk Vs Milk

The truth is that there are no quality differences to distinguish organic milk from milk produced from a regular dairy herd. Also, using "organic" as a measuring stick of milk quality or cow quality is not accurate by any means.

Dairy farmers themselves are responsible for the care of their animals. It is they, and their team, that make good or bad environments for us. The size and type of the farm has little relevancy in comparison to how the farmers and their employees do their jobs.

We are fine if you want to add organic milk alongside regular milk to serve to your customers. We think our dairy products are delicious and nutritious, and you do a darn good job of proving us right. We'd appreciate you keeping all dairy available.

Moos and thanks,

Agent 14, on the Udder Side.