Monday, July 21, 2014

Ice Cream and Science

Two terrible things can happen in the middle of summer: you can get stupid from being out of school and you can get hot. But what if you could cure both of those ills with one delicious treat? Hmmmm.....

July is National Ice Cream month and there is no better way to cool down than to do so with scoops of your favorite flavor. But don't get a brain freeze thinking that the cold freezey treat is a simple thing. There's science stuff going on here with ice cream.

How do you make the best ice cream? Lets watch a video. Feel free to grab some ice cream to munch on first.

Now that we've got your taste buds salivating for more and your brain fully pumping, lets go out on the edge of ice cream science. Now that we know how to make the best tasting ice cream, why not explore the best shaped ice cream?

Researchers at MIT have created a 3-D ice cream printing machine. Ladies and gentlemen, simply put, we have entered a new world of ice cream.

Now go out and scoop yourself up some ice cream, celebrate National Ice Cream month, and think some science thoughts. You're practically a genius already.

Agent 222, reporting from the Udder Side.