Sunday, November 22, 2015

5th Year Anniversary: The Farmer's New Blog

Well, well, well. If The Farmer doesn't think he's hot stuff. The fifth year anniversary is wood or silverware, not a new blog!

Farmer Bright: Lost in Thoughts!?!

Lost in thoughts, indeed

Yes, we find it hard to believe, too. Oh, and a self named blog? Really, a self named blog, Farmer Bright? Shameless. Shameless. It should be something like, I don't know, OwesEverythingIEverGotFromDairyCows.cow

Yes, dot cow. If farmers are going to have websites then they should all be in the dot cow domain.

Anyway, getting back to what I was saying. What is he writing about?

So go check out his new blog if you're so inclined. We've already read all the posts. Our conclusion? He is loster than an Easter Egg in thoughts!

Agent 14, reporting from the Udderside.


  1. Well if Farmer is out writing for other blogs, that leaves you ladies time for more adventures!

    1. Adventures! A cow-convertible, the open road, the wind blowing between and around our ears..... I like the way you think, Tammy!
      Agent 14

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