Monday, April 25, 2011

No Rest For The Wicked

I'll be the first to admit that I started the disagreement.  And when I say disagreement Agent 101 says insubordination.  Then she demoted me to night duty.  That's okay, I've done it before, several times in fact.  My job is to walk the fence line at night while most of the other cows and agents are sleeping in the pasture field.  I don't mind it, in fact I enjoy the solitude.  What is my problem, however, is The Farmer.

That is The Farmer unloading fresh cut silage into the blower going up into the silo.  All day long he chops and hauls wagon after wagon back and forth to the field to be unloaded.  Did I mention this goes on all day long?  The noise is driving me crazy.  I can't sleep I can't sleep I can't sleep.  I know I should be glad the The Farmer is harvesting feed for all the cows on the farm to eat, but it is hard to be appreciative when all you want is a little peace and quiet.

Agent 472, reporting from the Udder Side.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recon MIssion

I have pondered on what lay over the hill since beginning our mission here.  We have been so busy getting set up that I had not been able to see what The Farmer does over there.  Yesterday a package arrived from the C.A.L.F. main office.  It contained the GX9000 digital camera I had been dying to get ever since I saw it in the Acme Spys-R-Us catalog.  I sent Agent 325 on a recon mission.  I knew I could always count on her to do a good job.  She had recently been turned dry and would not be likely missed during the day.  Agent 325 may not be milking during her dry period before calving, but it is no excuse to not carry out her duties, pregnant or not.

While she did not find any dirt on The Farmer, Agent 325 found plenty growing in the dirt.  Wheat, rye, and ryegrass were found in several fields.

It may look like ordinary grass to the layperson, but these crops will soon be chopped and fermented in the silos to be sweet silage.  Even if I was not an agent of C.A.L.F. I would be excited to find this out.

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.