Monday, October 29, 2012

No Trick: Shirley and Norma Are the Real Thing

It seems like it was only yesterday when I was a calf and got all dressed for our Halloween party in the calf barn. We even had pumpkin spice milk that evening!

In many ways Halloween is a lot like the people running for president. They offer you treats and instead you get tricked. This is no different than the trick some people fall for when they purchase those non-dairy drinks that are still labeled as being milk. There's no substitute that delivers all the nutrition as milk that can call itself milk. Or can taste like real American milk, just like mine.

If you want to guarantee you're getting real American milk in your real dairy products or food then look for the Real Seal on the things you buy!

I can promise you that if you vote for my new awesome running mate Norma and I then you will not be tricked. We're cows. We're dairy cows. We're Real American dairy cows and part of #TeamDairy, and we'd appreciate your vote.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Polling For Shirley

While our phone call polls are showing us with a good lead I thought it best to also do an internet poll to give everyone a chance to show their support.

Remember this is a scientific poll. In order for it to be completely accurate you have to do one thing before selecting. Imagine yourself drinking a tall cool glass of chocolate milk. Then make your decision.



Due to new additions to the ticket and technical difficulties the poll has been restarted in the upper right hand corner of the page. 

Speaking of new additions, I am humbled, honored, and just proud to have Norma, the best cow ever, as my new running mate!

(Original Flag Photo by Tim Wang)

Monday, October 22, 2012

200% Shirley Cow

You've heard the other candidates use numbers to make fun of each other and tell you who they represent. You've heard of the 1% and the 99%. All the talk about 47% of the voters etc, etc.

I will work for you!
If I become the first dairy cow president I will do what I always do and that is give 100% for 100% of the people. If you add those up I'm at 200% and that is more than what any other candidate will give!

While we're talking numbers lets talk about the economy. I think what most people want is bang for their buck; they want more for less. Most folks might not realize that milk, just like the kind I'm proud to make, is packed with nutrients at a bargain price! For twenty five cents you can get an eight ounce glass with nine essential nutrients. Try to do that with other drinks!

That's the way I think Washington should use your money. They should use a little bit and make it go a very long way toward the betterment of the citizens. When I become president that is exactly how I will run things: more for less! Early voting has begun and I would appreciate your support!

Monday, October 15, 2012

An Interview With Shirley Cow

I made the paper! Read the story from The Country Chronicle by Dairy Dave!


The Country Chronicle 

Dairy Dave's Corner

Cow Runs For President?

It wouldn't be the first time someone called me a Doubting Thomas, but seeing is believing! I'm talking about Shirley Cow, the dairy cow that is running for president with enough ideas to impress even me. I caught up with Shirley between campaign events to ask her a few questions that I knew you, dear reader, would want to know.

Me: Lay it to me straight Shirley, white milk or chocolate?

Shirley: Call me old fashioned because I love plain white milk, but chocolate has the same nutritional value.

Shirley Cow Hard at Work
Me: What makes you qualified to be president?

Shirley: What makes any American qualified? Hard work, honesty, and an uncompromising love of our great country.

Me: What will be the first thing you would do as president?

Shirley: I'll call the leaders from the House and Senate to the White House for a ice cream sundae supper to solve their differences and get us moving forward.  If you can't be happy and agreeable over ice cream then you never will!

Me: How will you address health care in your administration?

Shirley: The Farmer has always treated his "girls" well by providing good food and medical attention for both prevention and wellness. I've seen it, been a part of it, and I think I can make it work as a great example for the country.

Me: What will you do if you lose your bid for the presidency?

Shirley: I'll go back to the farm and keep on producing high quality nutritious milk for all Americans!

After speaking to her I can't think of any time I was more fired up about the election. No mudslinging from Shirley, just the dairy facts. And I think that's all we can ask from a candidate!

-Dairy Dave

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why Shirley Cow For President?

There are many candidates for president you could choose. Why not pick the only one with dairy cow know how?

(original flag photo by Tim Wang)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Stronger Bones For Our Future

I Have Forward Vision
You cannot simply say one day that you would like to be president. The president of the United States is a powerful position, the leader of the free world, and to be in that position you must have vision.

Vision works in two ways: looking forward and looking back. Looking back on the last four years makes me believe our great land has lots of room for improvement. We've had hard times with many down on their luck with little faith in the future.

As a dairy cow I am proud of my milk as I know it to be nature's most perfect food. One of milk's most well-known attributes is the calcium it contains.  Calcium is critical for lifelong bone health! Bones are the foundation of our bodies. If you had brittle bones then you would have a hard time walking, climbing, and jumping. That's exactly how I see our great nation is today with an economy that can barely stand or walk.

Just like milk builds stronger bones for our bodies' foundation,  I believe that I can make a strong  foundation for our country. The downtrodden will then have the strength to lift themselves up like seeds of corn sprouting, digging through soil, and sending stalks toward the sky.

I believe America can stand proud in the sun again and I'm the only candidate with the dairy cow know how we need to get there!

(Original Flag Photo by Tim Wang)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Can't Ignore Shirley

There are a lot things that you can try to ignore in life. The expanding deficit would be a great example of what some of our political leaders try to ignore. But some things, like the last slice of cheese pizza, just can't be ignored

You can't ignore that:
The first presidential debate is coming up and I was not invited to attend, but I think this video proves I will not be ignored.

I'm Shirley Cow, the only candidate with dairy cow know how and I'd like your vote!

(Original flag photo by Tim Wang)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dairy Cow Know How in 2012

After much thinking and soul searching I have come to the conclusion that there comes a time when you can no longer stand idle in the pasture chewing your cud. I believe in freedom more so than even in the free choice you have of choosing white or chocolate milk to drink. I believe in the honesty and integrity that each of us, whether cattle, farmer, or otherwise, are born with. And I believe there are some who would like to take these things away.

When I look at the state of the countryside and our country beyond the fences of the farm, I see the sadness, the loss, and the hunger for values of days past and the hopeful dreams of a future that remains uncertain. Currently we have two visions of the future: one from a donkey and one from an elephant. If you perceive our country in terms of a zoo then I would like to present an alternative animal plan, a bovine plan.

While I have been known as Agent 465 to those of you reading these reports my real name is Shirley and I'd like to be your next president. In the coming weeks I'll explain my vision of the future for the first dairy cow as president. 

I'm Shirley Cow, the only candidate with dairy cow know how!

(Original US Flag by Tim Wang)