Monday, October 8, 2012

Stronger Bones For Our Future

I Have Forward Vision
You cannot simply say one day that you would like to be president. The president of the United States is a powerful position, the leader of the free world, and to be in that position you must have vision.

Vision works in two ways: looking forward and looking back. Looking back on the last four years makes me believe our great land has lots of room for improvement. We've had hard times with many down on their luck with little faith in the future.

As a dairy cow I am proud of my milk as I know it to be nature's most perfect food. One of milk's most well-known attributes is the calcium it contains.  Calcium is critical for lifelong bone health! Bones are the foundation of our bodies. If you had brittle bones then you would have a hard time walking, climbing, and jumping. That's exactly how I see our great nation is today with an economy that can barely stand or walk.

Just like milk builds stronger bones for our bodies' foundation,  I believe that I can make a strong  foundation for our country. The downtrodden will then have the strength to lift themselves up like seeds of corn sprouting, digging through soil, and sending stalks toward the sky.

I believe America can stand proud in the sun again and I'm the only candidate with the dairy cow know how we need to get there!

(Original Flag Photo by Tim Wang)

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