Monday, October 15, 2012

An Interview With Shirley Cow

I made the paper! Read the story from The Country Chronicle by Dairy Dave!


The Country Chronicle 

Dairy Dave's Corner

Cow Runs For President?

It wouldn't be the first time someone called me a Doubting Thomas, but seeing is believing! I'm talking about Shirley Cow, the dairy cow that is running for president with enough ideas to impress even me. I caught up with Shirley between campaign events to ask her a few questions that I knew you, dear reader, would want to know.

Me: Lay it to me straight Shirley, white milk or chocolate?

Shirley: Call me old fashioned because I love plain white milk, but chocolate has the same nutritional value.

Shirley Cow Hard at Work
Me: What makes you qualified to be president?

Shirley: What makes any American qualified? Hard work, honesty, and an uncompromising love of our great country.

Me: What will be the first thing you would do as president?

Shirley: I'll call the leaders from the House and Senate to the White House for a ice cream sundae supper to solve their differences and get us moving forward.  If you can't be happy and agreeable over ice cream then you never will!

Me: How will you address health care in your administration?

Shirley: The Farmer has always treated his "girls" well by providing good food and medical attention for both prevention and wellness. I've seen it, been a part of it, and I think I can make it work as a great example for the country.

Me: What will you do if you lose your bid for the presidency?

Shirley: I'll go back to the farm and keep on producing high quality nutritious milk for all Americans!

After speaking to her I can't think of any time I was more fired up about the election. No mudslinging from Shirley, just the dairy facts. And I think that's all we can ask from a candidate!

-Dairy Dave

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