Monday, October 1, 2012

Dairy Cow Know How in 2012

After much thinking and soul searching I have come to the conclusion that there comes a time when you can no longer stand idle in the pasture chewing your cud. I believe in freedom more so than even in the free choice you have of choosing white or chocolate milk to drink. I believe in the honesty and integrity that each of us, whether cattle, farmer, or otherwise, are born with. And I believe there are some who would like to take these things away.

When I look at the state of the countryside and our country beyond the fences of the farm, I see the sadness, the loss, and the hunger for values of days past and the hopeful dreams of a future that remains uncertain. Currently we have two visions of the future: one from a donkey and one from an elephant. If you perceive our country in terms of a zoo then I would like to present an alternative animal plan, a bovine plan.

While I have been known as Agent 465 to those of you reading these reports my real name is Shirley and I'd like to be your next president. In the coming weeks I'll explain my vision of the future for the first dairy cow as president. 

I'm Shirley Cow, the only candidate with dairy cow know how!

(Original US Flag by Tim Wang)


  1. Wow, if you when president and Hal the Cat is elected to the Senate in Virginia, things would be so much better!

    1. I have found cows can get along very well with cats as long as they supply them lots of milk.


  2. Would like to see your platform. Are you a Constitutionalist, Imperialist, or Methodist?

    1. I belong to the Dairy Party and we advocate three servings of dairy a day. I will be explaining our views on how to improve our great nation very soon. Look for my first campaign commercial later this week!

      -Shirley Cow