Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Milk Myths

It doesn't have to be Halloween for some people to try to scare you about about milk. But how scary is it when you turn on the lights to expose the truth? Let us look at a few scary milk myths.

1. Milk is full of antibiotics!

The truth is that no milk can be sold that contains antibiotics. Period. Milk is tested and tested and retested some more to make sure no antibiotics are present. This goes for conventional milk and organic.

2. Drinking milk is linked to early puberty.

The evidence simply is not there. Research shows drinking milk doesn't cause early puberty.....

...and the real reason might be obesity.

3. Milk causes acne.

As we reported recently, milk does not cause acne and actually has some anti-acne traits. Milk is a preventative and contains Vitamins A and D which are important for skin health.

4. Milk doesn't have as much calcium as vegetables.

Milk is a power-packed source of calcium that others can't match in one tasty serving. One serving of milk has 240 mg of Calcium. Broccoli only has 34, beans have 72, almonds 72, and the list goes on. Dairy products are nutrient dense and give you the calcium and Vitamin D you need. 

5. Eating dairy products will make you fat and contribute to heart disease.

Love Heart SVG

Remember, dairy is no trick and more than just a treat. My milk is safe, nutritious, and just plain delicious. Don't be scared; drink your milk, including chocolate milk, the official drink of Halloween

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Milk... According to the Doctor

The Farmer went AWOL. Okay, not exactly AWOL, but he did leave the farm for almost an entire day. He fed us and high tailed it off to a dairy meeting. It would be extremely hard for a secret agent cow to hide inside his car for a two hour trip, so we instead planted a bug on him so that we could listen in to the meeting.

There was a lot of boring talk at the dairy meeting that no one but farmers would enjoy, however one of the speakers really new her stuff. I mean she knew her stuff like white stuffing on oreos, if you know what I mean.

The Doctor Is In

The Doctor, also known as Michelle Dorothy Fiscus MD, was a pediatrician who came to give her take on milk. The short version is that she's a lover of dairy and not a hater. While I can't cite the sources on some facts she gave (the bug only had ears, people) I do want to share them. And more importantly, she was standing by statements made by the American Academy of Pediatrics of which she is highly involved in the Tennessee Chapter. But let me get on with it.
  • Despite rumour to the contrary, milk does not cause acne. In fact studies show that milk contains "anti-acne" properties according to research. 
  • Milk is brain food and is super important for developing brains
  • Raw milk is not worth the risks. In fact there is no scientific proof that there is any difference in the properties of raw milk vs pasteurized milk. Pasteurizing is heating the milk. Heat is safe. 
  • Organic milk is safe. Just as safe as conventional milk. There is no difference but the price so spend your money how you like.
One of the most important statements she made was explaining the difference between search and research. Google is the epitome of search. Research is a science based process of proving facts. Trust research more than Google.

Agent 277, reporting from the Udder Side

Monday, October 7, 2013

This Is Not a Factory Farm

Somebody sent this video to The Farmer (on a post about potty training of all things!)

Mississippi Milk from Barefoot Workshops on Vimeo.

Is this factory farming? Is it a factory farm? He works, like us cows, at a business facility manufacturing a product, milk, for sale to consumers. Could you not describe Ford Motor Company the same way?

He and his family are obviously an awesome example of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Man sees a need and creates a business to fill that need. How could anyone have anything but well wishes and support for this man and his family?

Is it a model for the entire dairy industry? Should "factory farms" be outlawed as a commenter suggested in a previous report and farms only of 8-12 cows be allowed? No, obviously that is a terrible idea. This dairy is well serving a niche market, but how could farm operations of this size meet demand for milk and all other dairy products? As I have said before, there is room for all sizes in the market.

As a cow, I still ask what is factory farming? At what size then does a farm incur "factory" status? The farm I'm on is ten times bigger than the one in the video. Ten times! Do I then reside on a factory farm? Is fifty okay, but fifty-one cows too many? Is five hundred cows okay, but five hundred and one too many?

Is factory farming defined by meanness to animals? The commenter was aghast at violence against animals and rightfully so. Is it only big farms that are mean to the animals on them? Could you not have five animals and still be cruel to them? One bad apple can spoil the lot, so why then are all farms punished for the sins of the few? Ask a mother, like me and my calves, which offspring she has the most love for. She would respond that she loves them all no matter how many calves, or babies, she has. How so are farmers like this toward their animals. They all have value.

Are there bad farms? Yes, unfortunately there are and there are also bad people, but I hope the entire human race is not condemned for the actions of the few. Factory farm is a generic term tossed around that is all about emotion just as in the Chipotle video I wrote about it. People should not allow emotions to be the basis of all of their opinions when the actual facts of the matter tell a completely different story. Read about CAFO: "The Auschwitz of Livestock?" by Holly Spangler to find out how the facts outweighed an emotional appeal to sway one group of moms.

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.