Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Milk Myths

It doesn't have to be Halloween for some people to try to scare you about about milk. But how scary is it when you turn on the lights to expose the truth? Let us look at a few scary milk myths.

1. Milk is full of antibiotics!

The truth is that no milk can be sold that contains antibiotics. Period. Milk is tested and tested and retested some more to make sure no antibiotics are present. This goes for conventional milk and organic.

2. Drinking milk is linked to early puberty.

The evidence simply is not there. Research shows drinking milk doesn't cause early puberty.....

...and the real reason might be obesity.

3. Milk causes acne.

As we reported recently, milk does not cause acne and actually has some anti-acne traits. Milk is a preventative and contains Vitamins A and D which are important for skin health.

4. Milk doesn't have as much calcium as vegetables.

Milk is a power-packed source of calcium that others can't match in one tasty serving. One serving of milk has 240 mg of Calcium. Broccoli only has 34, beans have 72, almonds 72, and the list goes on. Dairy products are nutrient dense and give you the calcium and Vitamin D you need. 

5. Eating dairy products will make you fat and contribute to heart disease.

Love Heart SVG

Remember, dairy is no trick and more than just a treat. My milk is safe, nutritious, and just plain delicious. Don't be scared; drink your milk, including chocolate milk, the official drink of Halloween

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.

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