Monday, October 21, 2013

Milk... According to the Doctor

The Farmer went AWOL. Okay, not exactly AWOL, but he did leave the farm for almost an entire day. He fed us and high tailed it off to a dairy meeting. It would be extremely hard for a secret agent cow to hide inside his car for a two hour trip, so we instead planted a bug on him so that we could listen in to the meeting.

There was a lot of boring talk at the dairy meeting that no one but farmers would enjoy, however one of the speakers really new her stuff. I mean she knew her stuff like white stuffing on oreos, if you know what I mean.

The Doctor Is In

The Doctor, also known as Michelle Dorothy Fiscus MD, was a pediatrician who came to give her take on milk. The short version is that she's a lover of dairy and not a hater. While I can't cite the sources on some facts she gave (the bug only had ears, people) I do want to share them. And more importantly, she was standing by statements made by the American Academy of Pediatrics of which she is highly involved in the Tennessee Chapter. But let me get on with it.
  • Despite rumour to the contrary, milk does not cause acne. In fact studies show that milk contains "anti-acne" properties according to research. 
  • Milk is brain food and is super important for developing brains
  • Raw milk is not worth the risks. In fact there is no scientific proof that there is any difference in the properties of raw milk vs pasteurized milk. Pasteurizing is heating the milk. Heat is safe. 
  • Organic milk is safe. Just as safe as conventional milk. There is no difference but the price so spend your money how you like.
One of the most important statements she made was explaining the difference between search and research. Google is the epitome of search. Research is a science based process of proving facts. Trust research more than Google.

Agent 277, reporting from the Udder Side


  1. Love the difference between search and research!

    1. She really stressed that point. It is so easy to find so-called facts that spread rampant on the internet, feel good about your new information, and yet still be so far from the truth.

      Agent 277

  2. You mean everything I read on the internet isn't true?!?!?!!?

    What a wonderful speaker for a dairy event. Yet, I am still shocked that there were no cows at a dairy event. You'd think you ladies would have been guests of honor!

  3. Of course, everything you read here is true. So no worries.

    It does boggle my bovine mind that no dairy cow was present at the meeting. Guest of honor? Why, I'd just be happy to be there.

    Agent 277