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Six Uses For An Invisible Fence For Farm Dogs

Dogs. What good are they anyway?

One of the things that concern us as cows is having dogs on the farm. Are they going to work or cause trouble? Maybe we're worried about their safety and ours. Maybe you are, too. One solution is an invisible fence through this sponsored post.

Six Uses for a DIY Invisible Fence on the Farm

Fencing is an important tool for farming, and there are many different types. A DIY electric fence can be used in several different ways on your farm, and it’s a great alternative to traditional fencing in many instances. If you have dogs on your property, their safety will always be one of your top priorities. There are many ways you can utilize an electronic dog fence to promote the safety of your dogs, while also maximizing the functionality of your farm.

Prevent Dogs from Leaving Large Properties
The most obvious use for any type of fencing is to keep your dogs on your property: for their own safety and to protect you from any liability if they were to escape and come in contact with any other dogs or children. Traditional fencing can accomplish this, but it’s not always enough, because your dogs may be able to burrow underneath a fence or find a break in it. When you have a farm with lots of acreage, it can be even more challenging to ensure that dogs with access to all of it don’t find a way out. Invisible fencing is generally more reliable.

Some invisible fence systems can protect up to 100 acres of land. Erecting a large enough traditional fence on a 100-acre perimeter would cost thousands of dollars more than the invisible fence cost over the same perimeter. If something causes a break in the wire, which is rare, your system will immediately notify you that there is a break, meaning you don’t have to regularly inspect your entire perimeter, especially after storms. You’ll have greater peace of mind that your dogs will be unable to leave your property unexpectedly.

Reinforce Traditional Fences
If you already have a traditional fence in place, an invisible dog fence can reinforce it and act as a second layer of protection for your dogs. Cows and other livestock don’t require large fences to keep them contained, so you may already have a smaller fence in place for them. Even if your dogs respect your existing cattle fencing, it isn’t always adequate to ensure they can’t escape. An electric dog fence is an excellent backup method for making sure your dogs don’t get past any existing cattle fencing, and it doesn’t require you to remove your current fence.

Give Dogs Their Own Zone
While many dogs are happy when they have the run of the farm, they can also feel more secure with their own personal zone. A DIY electric dog fence allows you to create a “dog zone” anywhere on your property that you choose. You can make custom boundaries to maximize the space available, and that area can belong to your dogs only. Erecting a traditional fence in a smaller portion of your property will obstruct your own view of an access to other areas of your farm. With an electronic dog fence, you can freely see and move past the boundaries that keep your dogs inside their zone. This is a more practical method of containment that doesn’t require chaining or caging your dogs, which can be detrimental to their safety and well-being.

Protect Dogs from Hazardous Areas of the Farm
If you would like your dogs to enjoy your entire property except for certain areas, it’s easy to create exclusion zones with DIY invisible fencing. There are wireless dog fence systems and wired barriers that can be used to keep desired areas of the ranch off-limits. For example, if you want to keep your dogs out of a pond or away from farm machinery storage, simply create an exclusion zone around those areas, and your dogs won’t be able to access them. This is a very useful tactic that can protect your dog from potential hazards and ensure that they only remain in safe areas of your farm or ranch.

Stop Dogs from Digging in Gardens
If your dogs enjoy digging, and exclusion zone can also be used to stop them from entering your garden. For large gardens or crop fields, you can use an underground dog fence around the perimeter to keep your dogs out. The problem with dogs who love to dig is that they can easily burrow under traditional fencing. This problem is solved by invisible fencing because their e-collar prevents them from getting close enough to the underground dog fence, meaning they cannot dig underneath it and sneak into the garden anyway. Your crops, vegetables, and flowers will be safe from the havoc digging dogs can wreak inside the garden.  

Keep Dogs Away from Chicken Coops
If you have chickens on your farm, it’s important to keep most dogs away from them. Dogs with hunting drives may kill your chickens, and even dogs who want to “play” can accidentally injure or kill them. When dogs are present, chickens can feel stressed, and this will disrupt their egg-laying patterns. With an electronic dog fence, you can enclose your chicken coop and prevent your dogs from entering your chickens’ space. An electric dog fence is a great choice for chicken coops, because it will not prevent your chickens from wandering freely when they feel safe to do so. A wireless dog fence exclusion zone can also be used to protect your chickens.

If you’re interested in a DIY electric fence for your farm, be sure to read up on the many different types and brands. Online customer reviews, wireless invisible fence reviews, underground fence reviews, and manufacturer guides can help you choose an electric dog fence system that’s right for you. The size of your farm, the number and size of your dogs, your fencing goals, and your budget will be important considerations when choosing an electronic dog fence system for your farm or ranch.

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  1. We use Pet Safe wireless fence for our farm dog to keep her out of the road. She loves to chase cars and wouldn't live a day without the fence. The fence is wireless, so there is nothing to bury, but it only has a 90' radius. If I need to take her past that, I remove her collar and take her out the same path every time. When she starts pushing her boundary, I know it's time to change the battery in her collar. We love the invisible fence. Wish we'd had one years ago.
    The picture of your dog caught napping on the job is great, btw. :)

    1. Congrats, Danni! After putting all the shares together along with your comment, your name was pulled from the hat! We'll be contacting you soon.

  2. I didn't realize that farms could benefit form invisible fences. My mom uses one in her yard to keep the dogs from running away. It's great that there are so many ways to use these fences to keep your dogs safe.

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  5. My grandpa runs a goat farm in California and has three dogs that he takes care of as well. However, his dogs have been digging in the garden and jumping fences lately and so I really think that an invisible dog fence would be the best solution. I especially like how an e-collar would prevent a dog from being able to get close to the fence even if they dug. However, what would happen to the dog if it was persistent and kept trying to get near to the fence?

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