Monday, April 20, 2015

Watching Grass Grow Is Fun

Watching grass grow is fun. It is actually more than fun.

growing grass
Grow grass, grow!

wheat field

Staring longingly at those long green stems across the fence everyday. Mentally measuring each day's growth.

Fantasizing about how it will taste when The Farmer bales it or chops it. The smell wafting over me is intoxicating. Yes, I am obsessed with hay and wheat. Oh, my!

How do you pass the time on a dairy farm while the grass grows? Simple. Feline Theater.

cat romeo juliet

Tennessee Williams

That's right, the barn cats have been staging their Spring productions. We've seen two fantastic plays thus far by the Bard and Tennessee Williams. Who knows what they'll perform next!

In the meantime the rain, the sun, and The Farmer's spreading of fertilizer is making our obsession become a reality. Grow grass, grow!

257, reporting from the Udder Side.

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