Friday, June 24, 2011

The Voice

I've always enjoyed singing.  My first memory is from my Momma Cow calling me with her soft melodic moo to come and nurse.  I wanted to become a professional singer but she said no.  "Lil' heifer," she told me "you can always sing but you need a job that will pay the bills."

C.A.L.F. has taught me a lot of things like most cows have 32 teeth (to help with vocal pitch) and may drink fifty gallons of water a day.  I always drink more, especially in the summer, to keep my vocal cords lubricated.  The Farmer provides us with ample fresh clean water in the fields and around the barn lots. That's good because you never know when I might break out in song.

My dream, when I retire from being an agent, is to be on the tv show The Voice. When all three judges spin their chairs to choose me I'll be delighted to go with Blakie.  Until then there's always cow karaoke on Friday nights.

Agent 480, reporting from the Udder Side

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Code Word "June" Not a Threat!

A whole month about us? Seriously?

As it turns out the code word "June" was no threat to our operation or to anyone else.  In actuality the word is in reference to what The Farmer calls the celebration of June Dairy Month.  This is an entire month dedicated to the all-around wonderfulness of all things dairy, including everything made from our perfect milk to us.  Honestly, I never thought he had it in him.

Our research has led us to find other dairy farmers  have also been celebrating their cows and milk products.  Some people are even arguing over what is the best flavor of ice cream when wholesome vanilla is the obvious choice.

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.