Monday, April 22, 2013

A Real Farm Voice

Today is supposed to be a special day about #FarmVoices and how the farmers are feeding the world. Well excuse me while I eat some hay. It is of my opinion, and I value my opinion highly, that I am the one that's feeding the world one glass of milk at a time.

Sure The Farmer comes to work early in the morning with a happy, if sometimes sleepy, face on. He makes sure we get things to eat, like my tasty hay, grain, and silage. Of course, he also is out there planting the fields and harvesting his crops. I suppose he's also the one that fixes things around here like machinery when it breaks or fences when a tree falls on them. The Farmer also cares for us when we get sick and gives us special attention and medicine.

But I ask you this: can The Farmer give you milk? That's right! That's my job! So go on and be proud of young farmers everywhere today. Let this be their day of #FarmVoices, but remember the other 364 days are ours.
Be sure and toast all the farmers with a tall glass of milk! And if you see my farmer please tell him I'd like some more hay, please.

Agent 464, reporting from the Udder Side.

P.S. Happy Earth Day!


  1. Agent 464
    This message will self destruct upon your reading it, unless something foes HAYwire. As part of our diabolical plot, the glass the farmers are toasting with is so delicious that farmers and their friends will want to have more and more. this means they're going to have to keep the hay comin. just keep mooing and giving milk. you have 3 months until your vacation begins.

    1. More hay? Now, that's an offer I can't refuse!

      -Agent 464