Monday, April 1, 2013

Antibiotics Saved My Life!

There I was literally listening to Death himself knocking at my door. Not just knocking, but pounding on my door while my lungs wheezed and strained for breath. Right before the door gave way The Farmer came in like Superman and---

Maybe that was too much Hollywood style drama. Let me start over.

farm calf

There, that's more like it.

I had been feeling bad and doing my best not to show it, but The Farmer had been watching me closely. Yes, I am a little small, but I'm going to be big someday, at least I have the chance to be now anyways. Obviously, I got worse. I started coughing and wheezing like a squeaky toy. I didn't want to eat or drink anything. Not milk or water, and not hay or grain. Nothing.

That's when The Farmer gave me the shot of antibiotics. Or should I say the first shot! I watched him from my stall reading the label on the bottle of medicine and then counting on his fingers to make sure he was measuring out the right dosage. Then he gave me the shot. Lets be honest; it didn't feel good.

But the next day, wow, I was feeling better! I drank all my milk on my own and stuff. On the day after that I was even more better, I thought, but The Farmer had other plans. There he was with the needle again giving me another shot, saying something about following the directions on the label for the antibiotic, and you have to follow the label! So, I got a second shot!

Now, that was a week and a half ago and I can tell you honestly I am well! I feel good all over! No more coughing or wheezing! Thank you antibiotics! I am enjoying my milk, grain, and hay again. More milk would be nice, please!

Agent 2433, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better again. I am with you that shots are no fun. Why do they call good things, "a shot in the arm"? That is a bad thing! Hopefully soon you will be running and frolicking with all your friends soon.

    1. You are so right about that! I cannot wait to get out and run. The Farmer says I have to get a little bigger yet so the other calves won't crowd me out of the feed box, but just you wait! I'm growing everyday now!