Monday, April 8, 2013

Rain and Writing

Well, last week was a wet one.

puddles mud

While it didn't rain everyday, it sure did feel like it. What is problematic is that with the cold weather and rain we have not seen much growth in grass in the pastures, or in the wheat and rye The Farmer has planted.

Wheat and rye have looked like this all winter

Yesterday's temperature has started to really turn that around. The Farmer's hoping with the warm weather predicted for this week he'll see lots of good growth in his fields. And we're hoping for the same, too! We want some fresh food, please!

But what does The Farmer do when it rains all the time? Evidently he writes. You should see him hunting and pecking at the computer! We've found some kind of rural detective story that he's been working on. Here's an excerpt labeled No Signal (First Draft):

....A spare sat safely in the trunk with no worry of me getting it out because the jack handle was currently being held as Exhibit B by the district attorney. A jack handle can be a good defensive weapon when your clip is empty, but it also makes a strong case for assault and battery. Hopefully not strong enough in this case, especially when the accuser’s rap sheet is as long as a poor kid’s letter to Santa. It takes brains and brawn to be a p.i. and so far I've had just enough of both to get by on...

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. Does the Farmer have rainy day games that he brings in to keep you guys entertained when you can't go outside?

    1. We enjoy lots of games like cow patty bingo, jump the gate, and pin the hat on the farmer!