Monday, November 4, 2013

Safety of Raw Milk

When you go to the grocery store does the manager remind you that you take a risk in eating the products you just bought? Are you promised or explained to that the groceries you purchased have magic-like properties or a hidden value that will be beneficial to you?

milk pitcher

Probably not.

Unfortunately, many people are duped into thinking they are getting something a little better when they purchase raw milk. The truth is that pasteurization does nothing to harm the milk and its inherent properties. There's no real scientific data to show otherwise.

Here's some data on raw milk from SUDIA:
Naturally occurring bacteria in raw milk can cause a number of illnesses including tuberculosis, brucellosis, salmonellosis, listeriosis (spontaneous abortions in pregnant women), and food poisoning-like symptoms like diarrhea, stomach cramping and vomiting.  In some cases, sickness can lead to longer-term negative health impacts such as kidney failure, paralysis, chronic disorders and even death.
The USDA and CDC also recommend pasteurization for safety and say the process does not affect the taste or quality of my milk. This isn't to say that everyone that drinks raw milk is going to get sick, but why do so when there is nothing to gain by it? Thus, my point is that there is no need to take any risk by consuming raw milk.

A Tennessee farm that sells raw milk recently had customers become sickened with E. coli.  While we have no idea what, if any, benefits this farm told their customers there were about raw milk, it is sad that those who became sick could have so easily avoided it.

You can buy milk at practically every gas station and grocery store around. It is safe, healthy, nutritious, and completely risk free. What more could you want?

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.

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