Monday, August 26, 2013

#FlatRyan Learns About Antibiotics In Milk

We caught The Farmer playing with a paper doll. I mean we saw him using crayons and scissors like a kindergartner. And then he brought the paper doll with him to the dairy farm.

#FlatRyan and the dairy cows
Then The Farmer and the paper doll he called Flat Ryan put together this video about antibiotics in milk. Make sure you watch it to the end!

There are times when antibiotics are needed on a dairy farm such as when a cow like me, or a calf, gets sick. However, The Farmer goes to great lengths to make sure no milk with antibiotics leaves the farm because that milk can never be sold. Period.

As it turn out The Farmer is participating in The Ag Proud Adventures of Flat Ryan. The purpose of taking a paper version of Ryan Goodman around is to share farm facts like the kind you can find at Agriculture Proud. Be sure and check that blog out and then download your own Flat Ryan to color, cut out, and take on an adventure! Follow the adventures with the hashtag #flatryan and learn more agriculture facts!

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side, and hoping The Farmer is finished playing with paper dolls.


  1. Agent 101,

    I hope you have made a full recovery.

    Did any of the cows try to eat Flat Ryan? He might have been a tasty snack! I met some goats in Norway that definitely would have eaten him.


    1. Since he was a visitor I told all of the agents to use kid gloves around him, especially since he was made of paper! It was fun having him around for the day. Maybe he should visit that goat farm!

      -Agent 101

    2. Haha, funny you mention that. I have some photos of some goats chowing down on a #flatryan.

      Awesome post Ryan! Loved the video!
      --Ryan Goodman

    3. Thanks! The #flatryan project was a great idea for how the ag community can share. Kudos to you guys on coming up with it!

  2. I just pictures of Flat Ryan in a cotton field in North Carolina! That guy gets around!