Monday, October 29, 2012

No Trick: Shirley and Norma Are the Real Thing

It seems like it was only yesterday when I was a calf and got all dressed for our Halloween party in the calf barn. We even had pumpkin spice milk that evening!

In many ways Halloween is a lot like the people running for president. They offer you treats and instead you get tricked. This is no different than the trick some people fall for when they purchase those non-dairy drinks that are still labeled as being milk. There's no substitute that delivers all the nutrition as milk that can call itself milk. Or can taste like real American milk, just like mine.

If you want to guarantee you're getting real American milk in your real dairy products or food then look for the Real Seal on the things you buy!

I can promise you that if you vote for my new awesome running mate Norma and I then you will not be tricked. We're cows. We're dairy cows. We're Real American dairy cows and part of #TeamDairy, and we'd appreciate your vote.

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