Monday, November 5, 2012

Dairy Cows Campaign To Be President

The last few days have been a whirlwind of campaigning. Norma and I have been out spreading the good word about dairy and why we deserve your vote as cows for the presidency. Being on stage in front of thousands of people is kind of overwhelming.

Our great nation was made by average people with above average ideas and aspirations. They rose above their abilities, their strengths, overcame their weaknesses and made the best better. Ladies and gentleman, cows and bulls, I am an average cow, but like those that have come before me, I have above average ideas!

Speaking of the ones that have come before me, did you know how important dairy has been to U.S. Presidents? None other than the numero uno George Washington was known to love ice cream so much he spent $200 on it in one summer. Money talks and those bills are saying "love." Thomas Jefferson learned to make ice cream while he was in France. Good ole Honest Abe Lincoln had ice cream served at his second inauguration. Milk was the favorite drink of Teddy Roosevelt. Lets imagine Mount Rushmore.....

And I would also be the first dairy cow to, if I chose, graze on the White House lawn since President Taft's two dairy cows did. He loved milk. President's love dairy. Americans love dairy. Norma and I would love your vote!

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