Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shirley & Norma Thank You For Your Support!

Well, the election is over and if you have not heard our campaign ended up with us coming up a few votes short. While we did not get everything we wanted, I think Norma and I can be proud of effort to reach more people and tell them the value of dairy.

The country may not agree on the election's outcome, but at least we can all sleep well knowing the president and vice president enjoy some dairy for themselves from time to time!

Perhaps Alabama dairyman Will Gilmer said it best:
Team Dairy has been around far longer than this election cycle and will continue to be a force for good regardless of who we elect as President. Team Dairy: providing you and your children with safe, delicious, nutritious food choices for a "dairy good" today and a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I do have some bad news to report. Norma has taken ill the last few days. She and I are real cows and real things do happen to us. Here is a statement from her closest adviser, Dairy Carrie: heart and mind is back home. When my plane landed I got news that Norma is very sick and may not make it. 
I wish that all the people who think that dairy farmers don't care about their cows could understand how absolutely heartbreaking this is for me, then maybe they would understand ....
If you wouldn't mind taking a moment to say a prayer or send up good thoughts I sure would appreciate it. Norma may be just a cow but she is my cow and I love her.

My thoughts are with my friend Norma, who is not just #normathebestcowever, but also #normathebestrunningmateever !

Thank you again for all your support in our campaign!


I have received news of Norma's passing to the great pasture field in the sky. Let us not mourn her leaving us, but instead celebrate her life and the love she had of producing high quality milk for everyone. The next time you eat or drink dairy products raise your glass or bowl high as a small thanks to Norma!

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  1. I'm so saddened by the news. Norma, you are in my prayers.

    1. Tammy thank you for your thoughts and kindness.

    2. Unfortunately she did not. Dairy Carrie wrote a post about Norma's Story: