Monday, November 29, 2010

The Key To Information

Due to some technical difficulties, news traveled slow on the farm today.  We had to resort to the archaic method of just "moo-ing," due to some wireless glitch that was affecting our equipment.  The good news was that I did receive the message that The Farmer had gone to town and would be away for a while.

I used the opportunity to approach the locked door.  I had studied the lock on Thanksgiving and brought the tools needed to open it.  I used a special spy skeleton key that would open almost any door, including this one.  What was inside suprised even me.

The room was filled with records of all kinds.  For each cow and calf there were documents about their births, vaccination history, and other details.  There was milking data for each cow for each lactaction.  This data included records on volume of milk produced, butter fat and protein content, and more.  The amount of information I found was staggering.  The Farmer was documenting everything about the herd.  He also used a system called Dairy Herd Information to gather the data and use it to improve his operation.

The Farmer had a lot of information on the cows, but none on the C.A.L.F. agents on the farm.  Our secrecy was still intact and the room had been infiltrated.

Agent 462, reporting from the Udder Side.

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