Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mystery Solved

Well, I would like to say that all the spy training that I had helped me to figure out what I was hearing, but it didn't.  I got lucky one day and saw it.  It being the cat heading upstairs to the loft.  This is where my C.A.L.F. spy training did kick in.  Was the cat friend or foe?  Can you trust a four legged feline, or not, and what knowledge might it have?

The first thing to overcome would be the language barrier, and I discovered one thing very quickly.  If you call the Rosetta Stone people and ask for French or Russian they take your money and send you the product.  However, if you ask for Feline, all you get is a dial tone.  So, I checked the spy manual I keep in a fake block of straw in my stall.  It turns out that cats can speak the common animal dialect.  Who knew?

I watched and waited for the cat to return.  I planned my strategy as time passed.  I could use this animal as my eyes and ears outside of the calf barn.  Then the cat appeared, walking slowly down the steps to the loft.  As I was beginning to speak to it, the door of the calf barn opened and the The Farmer walked in.

The Farmer began looking at each calf in each stall very deliberately.  My training kicked in immediately and I became calm, cool, and collected as I munched on some hay.  He moved down the line.  Was he looking for me, I wondered as he approached my stall?  The Farmer finished and went up the stairs to the loft.  Then everything became clear.

Blocks of straw fell in the stalls, with each getting just the amount they needed.  The Farmer went to the stalls and spread the straw out so that every calf would have a warm, comfortable, clean stall to stay in.  As he left my thoughts returned to the cat.

Agent 4330, reporting from the Udder Side.

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