Sunday, November 7, 2010

Keep Your Ears Open

I did not think anything could be more exciting.  I had been chosen to join the illustrious spy group, C.A.L.F.  I could imagine the thrill, the intrigue, and the danger of being a spy.  I might go in disguise like a longhorn calf with dyed hair and fake horns with a camera and microphone. I could be a body double for a famous show calf at a state fair.  But where did they send me for my first mission?  A calf barn on a dairy farm.  How exciting......

My orders were to keep my ears open.  Got it. Done it. Done.  Isn't there anything else I could be doing?  Shouldn't I be saving the world or bagging the bad guys?  Sure, I get nice warm milk twice a day, cool fresh water, leafy hay, grain, and comfy straw bedding, which are all nice perks.  The Farmer is good to me.

Ahh, but there is something I've noticed.  There's a noise in the hay loft above me that I hear sometimes. Noise, or words maybe?  It is something or someone I'm not familiar with.   My orders were to keep my ears open and maybe that's what they were talking about!  Perhaps I should investigate this mystery.

Agent 4330, reporting from the Udder Side.

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