Monday, July 1, 2013

Robert Plant Dishes Ice Cream

You never know who you're going to run into when you're visiting ice cream parlors and working on your ice cream bucket list. I couldn't believe it when I ran into Robert Plant, the Golden God, the former singer from Led Zeppelin, the solo star, the...hey, even cows get star struck, okay?

Luckily for me I wasn't too embarrassed and asked for an interview.

Me: Mr. Plant, have you always liked milk and ice cream?
Robert: Call me Robert, please. Oh, yeah. Love me some dairy, you know? Back in the day when we were starving we actually nicked milk from people's houses before they got up. I also love milk with my tea.
Me: So you're a big fan of ice cream, right? What's your favorite flavor?
Robert: I had some fine homemade pistachio ice cream not too long ago that was delicious.
Me: Do any of your songs have anything to do with ice cream?
Robert: (Scratching his beard) Actually several of them do. Over the Hills and Faraway was how I'd describe the trip to the closest ice cream parlor to my house as a child. Black Dog? That was the name of this really decadent chocolate ice cream I had once or twice. Oh, and What is and What Shall Never Be came from an argument I had with a former girlfirend about rice ice cream versus real ice cream. She didn't stay with me very long. How Many More Times was originally called How Many More Scoops, a question that Bonzo asked me when he thought I was going to share a carton of ice cream with him.
Me: Since July is National Ice Cream Month let me ask you a trivia question about ice cream before we finish. How many licks does it take to finish a single scoop of ice cream?
Robert: Jimmy Page is the king of guitar licks and I bet he would know, but I have no idea.
Me: On average it takes about fifty licks to finish one scoop of ice cream.

I'd like to thank Mr. Plant for the interview. I would also like to thank Val, who nominated us for a Liebster Award. Please go check out her blog, Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids.We were honored earlier this year with it and thought it was very special.

Agent 235, reporting from the Udder Side.

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