Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ruminating on the Fourth of July

In America (Almost) Anything is Possible

The land of plenty. The land of opportunity. The land of milk and honey. As American as apple pie and milk. Are you sensing a trend here? 

While I may have been unsuccessful in my bid to become the first cow president of the United States of America, I am not a failure.  I am a milk maker (you like dairy products like ice cream, right?), a job creator (The Farmer depends on me and the processor and deliveryman, and everyone else from me to you, you dairy lover, you), and, as the song goes, I am American Beautiful

As a dairy cow I have the chance to become the best cow in the herd by my actions. I can eat well, produce more milk, and keep a good attitude about me. I have the potential in me. There is nothing stopping me, but me. 

Our country's founding father's were inspired by the twin flames of liberty and independence. Let their spark ignite you and burn the chains of stagnation and apathy that hold you back. May you be the cow that runs for president. May you be the person that strives for more. May you be the one that changes the world.

Agent 465 (aka Shirley Cow), wishing you the best on July 4th.


  1. I like your mindset, Agent 465. Our freedoms in this country are dependent upon us going out and working for the opportunities we were given. You get that.

    1. There's no such thing as a free lunch. I think you can apply that to many facets of life. I only hope more realize that sooner than later.
      -Agent 465