Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cows In Black

My name is Special Agent C. I came to this farm to investigate reports of crop circles and UFOs. I have not been able to find any alien activity of any kind. I did find some agents of C.A.L.F. and some other normal cows producing normal milk. I observed The Farmer working and taking care of his animals, too.

While I was here I decided to ask The Farmer a few questions:

  • Does your milk contain antibiotics? He said that sometimes he did have to treat sick animals with antibiotics when they didn't respond to other treatment, but that he was not allowed to sell any milk that contained antibiotics.
  • Does your milk contain hormones? He replied that most foods do have naturally occurring hormones in them, including milk. He said that while an approved man made version of a hormone that a cow makes on her own can be given to help produce more milk that he did not use it and that most milk is now sold as "rbst free" for consumer preference.
  • Are your cows treated well? Healthy cows make lots of milk was his answer and that was his goal. He also said his farm had gone through some kind of gold standard review to make sure it met criteria on cow care as well as on environmental concerns.

Then The Farmer had a few questions for me, like what's a black sunglasses wearing cow doing on his farm and how was it able to talk? I adjusted my sunglasses, held up my neuralyzer wand and said, "Look into this light and I'll answer all your questions."

Special Agent C, Cow in Black

Special Agent C, reporting from the Udder Side.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to know that customer preference is leading many a farmer, like The Farmer, to cut back on rbst.

    Here's to happy cows all around!