Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Tired After Super Bowl

Everyone was excited when the evening milking was over. The Farmer cleaned up the barn and headed to his house while we pretended there was nothing unusual going on. As if! Soon as he was out of sight we began our Super Bowl party!

The food had to be the best part of it all. We had alfalfa salad with a light molasses dressing, honey roasted cracked corn, and a wheat and corn silage casserole. Delicious! There was none left by half time let me tell you.

We watched the game on the back side of the hay barn using a projector we rented. It is not super if it isn't super big is what I say.  We laughed at the commercials and argued over the game as usual.

Of course everything is fun and games until your alarm goes off for the morning milking. We shouldn't have stayed up to watch the Voice and whatever came after that. We've all got sleep in our eyes and I heard The Farmer say this morning that he was going to give us extra attention today to make sure we're all okay. Hey man, we just need to sleep, alright?

Agent 220, reporting from The Udder Side.

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