Monday, February 20, 2012

Three Cheers For Molly the Milk Leader

While writing reports about things going on here on the farm we often listen to the radio to help the time go by faster. Lately we've been hearing several commercials from one of milk's newest spokespersons, Molly the milk leader.

Molly has been all over the radio, YoutubeFacebook, and even her own website. Several of the agents were so excited they decided they could come up with some new cheers about milk and dairy products for Molly.

What do you need most everyday
That strenghtens your bones in every way?
Dairy, yes dairy!
Ice cream, cheese, and milk, too.
Dairy, yes dairy!
Go dairy!

3 a day
3 a day
Have it your way!
Milk, yogurt, cheese,
Ice cream's a treat
If you please!

If you're exercising hard 
Or running the track
Chocolate milk can 
Replenish you fast
Go milk! 
Go milk!

There may be a reason why some cows were not cut out to be cheerleaders.

Agent 449, reporting from the Udder Side

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