Monday, June 3, 2013

TN June Dairy Month Kickoff

Cow Disguise

 June Dairy Month is already underway. Last Friday I sneaked into Tennessee's June Dairy Month Kickoff. While I was the only cow there, I was not the only one pretending to be a cow.

Randy Davis

Randy Davis, dairy farmer and Tennessee Dairy Association President, kicked off the meeting and reminded everyone about how milk is so great! As a cow, I couldn't agree more.

Poster Contest

In attendance were 4-Her's competing in the "Dairy Packs Power" poster contest, dairy quiz bowl contest, and all the June Dairy Month chairmen from around the state. I could feel the dairy love in the room, and I'm not just saying that because of all the chocolate milk people were drinking.

The speaker was Rick Bryd, the coach of Belmont College. He led off by telling a conversation he had with his wife about speaking to a dairy group.

He continued to speak on how you cannot get ahead in life by forgetting your principles. He said you need to live your life with integrity, and while that may not grant you instant fame or gratification, it is what matters in the long run of life's race. Perhaps he was speaking to the young 4-Her's in the room, but he also described what it takes to be a dairy farmer. You cannot take short cuts in your cows or land and expect to be successful. Caring, diligence, hard work; these are the things that make a farm last. I'm sure The Farmer was listening.

Happy June Dairy Month!

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. You'd think they'd have invited more cows to a dairy event!!!! At least there were pictures of cows on the 4H posters.

    1. I agree! Who's making the milk, right? But the good news is there will be dairy activities all over the country this month and I'm sure cows will be present.
      -Agent 101