Saturday, June 15, 2013

Favorite Dairy Memory Contest

How would you like to win the secrets of the Udder Side? Fat chance, that! Like we would actually give away our secrets. You can have them when you pull them from our cold, dead hooves. Instead how would you like to win a really cool looking chocolate milk jug usb flashdrive we swiped from The Farmer's desk?

Chocolate Milk USB Drive
It is of unknown capacity and has the cool SUDIA dairy association logo on it from where he got it. I know, you are already antsy and wondering what you have to do to get your hands/hooves on it.

Here's the deal:

It is June Dairy Month and this is a June Dairy Month Contest. So, on the back side of a two ounce cottage cheese lid we'd like you to write a five hundred word essay on your favorite dairy-. On second thought, tell us your favorite dairy memory, you know like a really cool memory that you'd store on a chocolate milk flashdrive. It could be about visiting a dairy farm or how your Grandma always poured chocolate syrup out the metal can into your milk. You could talk about how you shared a decadent chocolate milkshake with two straws with that special someone and how you both sighed and looked deeply into each other's eyes when the glass was empty and the straws made that funny slurping sound. Or you could just say that "I remember that chocolate milk rocks," you know, 'cause it does.

I have a special team of agents that will judge the entries. Spelling is not important. Scratch that, spelling is very important, but we will not penalize you for mistakes. How's that? Okay, a few more rules. Entries must be in by the end of milking time on June 22. The winner will be announced on June 24.

How to enter? Leave a comment below in the comment box. Special bonus points may be awarded to those that tweet the contest using the hashtag #dairymemory. Points will be taken away if you tweet it, like more than a dozen times because that's just annoying, right?

Good luck, happy June Dairy Month, and as a nice lady once said, "do dairy daily".

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. That is such a cool looking USB drive!

    My favorite dairy-inspired memory is from my first (and so far only) trip to a dairy farm. I was 30 and living in another country. It was a long walk away from my home but worth it.

    The kind woman who ran the farm realized that visitors want to pet a cow, but most of her ladies wanted nothing to do with all those hands not bringing food. To combat this, she kept on several photogenic and friendly former milkers in a small field where people came in, so they could get that experience.

    The tour was fascinating - seeing the milking machines, hearing about how they made their cheese, and also how much food those ladies eat each day!

    It was definitely a memorable experience ... and my favorite part was petting the cows!

  2. My favorite dairy memory is probably just meeting dairy farmers in college. I grew up in an area with no dairy farms and when I went to college I got to know a lot of dairy science majors and in general became friends with people that grew up on dairy farms. I give props to dairy farmers - it is one of the hardest jobs I know and I love how it is such a family affair!

    And I'm a huge fan of ice cream, milk, cottage cheese, string cheese, fresh cheese curds - the list really goes on and on...