Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 Bovine Stakes

While horses get most of the glory when it comes to animal racing, there is a more civilized animal you could be watching going down the track. I'm talking about cows, dairy cows like me. As part of the June Dairy Month festivities the first annual Bovine Stakes race was held this weekend.

Palace Malice was no where to be found at this race. The favored dairy cow to win was Better Than Bacon. Other top contenders included Milkaholic, Three-A-Day, and You Go Yogurt. You can watch the complete coverage below.

We're proud of the winner of the 2013 Bovine Stakes! Raise a glass of milk and celebrate! Three cheers for dairy cows! Three cheers for June Dairy Month!

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. Your winner looked like an alpha cow that everyone else knew better than to pass! Good for her for teaching all other cows their place.

    1. Some cows, like people, are born leaders.
      -Agent 101