Sunday, January 22, 2012

Secrets and Lies

I found this note when I woke up this morning and immediately reported it to Agent 101.  What does it mean? Do they know my secrets? Like how I'm embarrassed to admit I've read the Twilight series at least five times?  Or is this more likely about the secret agents of C.A.L.F.?  How did they find out our secrets and what do they hope to gain? Will they tell The Farmer? Blackmail. Treachery. Deceit. The mind races at what the ulterior motives could be.  Perhaps the biggest question is who sent it?

The Farmer? Could he be the mastermind behind this? Unlikely. He's been very busy with farm work and has had several dairy meetings he's attended lately. He's behind on his chores and we are always careful when he's watching anyway.  I don't believe he is behind this.

A rogue agent perhaps?  One who has trouble following the rules or fulfilling her tasks? Resentful to the group. Resentful to the cause.  Hmmmmm... Agent 101 asked me to follow up as best I could and report back only to her.

Perhaps I can retrace my steps from the last few days and try to recall anyone or anything that seemed a little off. I woke up, slowly as usual, and walked in for morning silage. I nibbled on the remains of the hay and went in for the morning milking. More silage followed and a nap out on pasture. Then I came in for some more hay and....and.... something.  I remember something that was out of place. That's where I will start my investigation.

Agent 417, reporting from the Udder Side.

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