Monday, November 21, 2011

A Poem of Thanks

Agent 162 runs a lending library from her stall and considers herself a "literary" cow. To celebrate Thanksgiving and #FoodThanks, she wrote a poem.  I asked her to share it but she was a little embarrassed and refused.  She's holding my copy of All Creatures Great and Small hostage to try and prevent me from posting the poem but I'm going to share it anyway.  I think everyone should read it.

Here's her poem:

For the hay so green and tasty
I give thanks.
For the silage of wheat and corn
I eat night, noon, and morn
I give thanks.
For my milk that goes in the tank
For the glass that you just drank
Please give thanks.

Agent 101, from the Udder Side, thanking The Farmer and everyone else who provides the food, feed, and fiber for us all.


  1. Love it! Cow poetry is so underrated in the US.... Any chance I could catch a reading sometime?

  2. We'd love for you to come, but we have not had any after the last poetry slam got out of hand.