Monday, November 28, 2011

Bugging The Farmer

While tracking The Farmer the last few days I have seen him travel to and from his wheat fields to watch it progress from seed to grassy plant.  I find that following him is not enough and I would like to hear more.  In order to listen in on him better I stuck a "bug" on the brim of his cap that will transmit everything he says to a computer where it is recorded.

The weather seems to be a very popular subject with The Farmer especially when talking about the wheat fields.  How much has it rained?  Looks like a sunny day today.  Will we have frost in the morning?  After studying the recordings I wondered if he had anything else to talk about.

Then I heard something very intriguing.  The Farmer, when talking to his children, asked the question if they knew about the, and the next part was a little garbled from a baby crying, but it sounded like he said the "wooly bull."  Then he told them they should listen to the "pharaohs."  I am convinced I have stumbled across something very important about farmers in general.  I can see a vast conspiracy, perhaps a cult that they all belong to where they listen to their leader, obviously the pharaoh, and fulfill his commands.  But who or what is the wooly bull?  And what does it have to do with the pharaoh?

How big is this conspiracy?  How far does it go?  I'm going over the recordings again and again to find more clues.  I'm taking my findings to Agent 101 soon.  I have no doubt she'll be impressed.

Agent 230, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. I wonder if someone could convince the farmer to decode this further.... do we have a cow on the inside?