Friday, August 5, 2011

Stop the Fussing and Fighting

I'm mad and I can't take it any longer.  I'm tired of all the arguing, and I think you are too.  People have been fussing and cussing 'til they're blue in the face and not getting anywhere.  You turn on the tv, yes we've got tv here, latest in high definition technology in fact, and there they are talking about it.  They're arguing in Washington.  They're arguing in Boston and L.A.  For pete's sake, they are all arguing about what's better for you:  white or chocolate.  Milk, that is.

Now, I've heard that Jamie Oliver feller talk about counting calories and eatin' healthy.  But seriously, chocolate milk is a threat to him?  Why he probably thinks chocolate milk comes from brown cows and nonsense like that.  My milk is, well I hate to brag but I will, tasty, delicious, and nutritious.  Packed and fortified with nine, I said nine, essential nutrients.  So, honest to goodness, is a little bit of chocolate on it going to make much difference with all that goodness underneath?

Yesterday while I was testing the new wireless microphone we hid in The Farmer's cap I heard him say something very interesting.  It seems the people that bottle my milk have a new formula for chocolate milk.  It is made with natural sugars and is loooow fat.  Great tastin' for everyone and hopefully everyone can be happy with the nutritional content and stop arguing about the flavor!  Even all those crazy tv people!

Agent 216, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. Hi, Ryan. I enjoy reading the cows point-of-view. Too funny. Would you be interested in being a featured farmer on my site, ? I think my readers would really like your blog. Use the contact page to reply or email me