Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exiled off Cow Street

In retrospect, we should've checked Google Maps first or at least Fandango.  But we thought, we're Agents of C.A.L.F., we don't need any help.  And now we're exiled to the far side of the farm.  Maybe I should start at the beginning.

My Mama cow told me I should grow up and see the world, be adventurous like Agent Steina in C.A.L.F.   So, I joined up and you know what I found? Boring. Sitting around eating, watching The Farmer do his thing.   My friends and I, we're young, we want to do stuff!  The other day Agent XXX said we should sneak off and go to a drive in movie theater.  Great idea, I thought.  That was until we got lost in the neighbor's field all night long.  And then we found out they don't show movies at the drive in on Tuesday nights anyway.

When we finally got back we were in trouble with a big "T."  Agent 101 read us the riot act and had us exiled.  Now all we can do is walk around this big field, eat grass, and......and..... wait until we're back in her good graces.  Like I said, boring.

Agent XXX, reporting from the Udder Side.  (names redacted by Agent 101)

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