Monday, August 29, 2011

Employee Break Time

Everyone needs to take a break sometime, even secret agent cows.  It gives you a chance to pause, think, and chew on your food again.  I've found my agents always do better work when they are refreshed.  The Farmer must feel the same. Every afternoon I notice he pauses between chores to get something to drink. On hot days like these chocolate milk might be the most refreshing thing he could drink.

The tree in the photo is the hot spot, or rather the cool spot to be at on a hot day to cool off.  What's interesting about it is that even as little as five years ago you would've seen at least a few cows out there smoking on their breaks.  Ugh, I still remember when The Farmer added NicCudtine (R) supplement to the ration.  It tasted terrible but had excellent results.  The Farmer said healthy cows are productive cows and I couldn't agree more.

Agent 101, taking a break on the Udder Side.


  1. Love this! I am not sure if our beef cattle were ever smokers, but they love those shade tress.

  2. Thanks! That tree always has a few cows lounging around like sunbathers underneath an umbrella at the beach during the summer.

  3. How do you get them to give up their chew? Can't figure that one out.
    judi @

  4. Judi, bad habits are hard to break even for trained secret agent cows.