Thursday, July 28, 2011

Corn, Sweet Corn

I am standing in the middle of a corn field. It takes all my dexterity to walk without trampling any of the corn stalks (perhaps the training from ballet practice has been useful). It takes all my willpower to not take a big chomp out any of the corn, too. Whoever said it was unnatural for a cow to eat corn was obviously not a cow.

I have watched with anticipation as the farmer planted this field back in June.  I waited as the first green tendrils crept through the cracks of the soil reaching skyward.  When there was no rain I cursed the sky.  When The Farmer had the field sprayed for weeds I cheered, "Die weeds, die!"

Now there is only the waiting left.  Waiting for The Farmer to harvest this corn for the silos.  I cannot wait.

Agent 226, reporting from The Udder Side.

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