Thursday, January 29, 2015

Easy Nut, Soy, and Rice Milk Recipe

Are you looking for an easy recipe for how to make milk from beans, nuts, or rice? Then look no further!

How To Make Your Own Milk 

  1. Gather your choice of beans, nuts, and rice.
  2. Feed them to a dairy cow.
  3. Milk the cow
Presto chango rearrango! You now have REAL milk!

Of course there's no reason to do all this work when you can go to the store and pick up a jug of milk that's right there waiting for you. While you're making your life simple go ahead and pick up another jug. And another and some cheese and ice cream and yogurt and--well, you get the picture!

Real milk is for everybody! Unlike those juices and squeezin's that call themselves milk, real milk has real protein. I'm talking about natural protein that packs power for adults all the way down to little kids! 

What about that? The other thing you need to hear is that while my milk is a pretty darn simple food those "alternative" dairy products have a long list of ingredients. For all ya'll out there looking for natural and unprocessed foods maybe you should read Milking the market: are you pouring additives on your cereal? I'd say it is a very moo-ving article.

Everyday you should read up on a #MilkTruth. Live it, learn it, drink it, and #GetReal! Learn more at Milk Truth.

Agent 268, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. It was really very good and use full recipe to make your own milk healthy and pure. But these all info can work when your cow being always healthy and you will feed good and healthy food,

    There is some more tips to make your cow being healthy and wealthy.
    1. Should feed the fresh and green leaves
    2. It should be more better if you feed neem leave and green wast of farm
    3. take a bath to the cow a day in the week.

    these steps surely helps to increase the quantity of the pure and healthy milk, these tips im suggesting you because we always use these in our NGO's for cows and its always works called Prayas Ngo.

    1. Moochas gracias for the tips! We were being a tad facetious in this post. The Farmer does feed us leafy green hay and tasty corn and wheat silage daily. The bath is something we need to mention to him.

      From all of us we'd like to thank you for the work you do with cows in your county!

  2. Agent 268,

    Obviously we know what you think of other forms of "milk." What is your stand on powdered cow's milk? I love using it to increase the protein level of casseroles, and it is great for creating richness in my "just add water" oatmeal.

    1. We are definitely pro-powdered milk! Adding it to casseroles is a great tip, too! For oatmeal we've been recommending making the full leap to use milk instead of water to make oatmeal. We've heard that's the way they do it almost everywhere but here in the good old USA. Tammy, you've been across the pond and on adventures, have you seen it made that way elsewhere?

    2. When I'm not having to use the hot water dispenser to prepare my breakfast at work, I use real milk to cook my oatmeal. I love the richness and creaminess it adds. In England, traditionalists wouldn't dream of oatmeal (porridge) consisting of anything but oats, water, and salt. Some add a dash of cream at the end.

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