Monday, May 12, 2014

Cows Love Green Grass

The old pasture there looks the same
As it did last year after the rain
I love to smell all those buttercups
Out the lane I walk and not contrary
We're all happy, oh so merry
It's good to eat the green green grass of home

It has been a long time comin', waiting on the grass to grow. The cold weather put The Farmer at least two weeks or more behind previous years based on how tall his wheat is today versus then. With chopping time arriving we couldn't be happier.

When spring came it really sprung and we are busy mowing eating the new grass in the pastures. Nothing could be better. Nothing this side of a nice pedi and back massage.

Back massages are nice.

In order to make a little money on the side, a few of the cows have started a lawn care business. They have reasonable rates and a money back guarantee. Be sure and contact Daisy for all the details.

Daisy Cow's Lawn Care

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. Always love your posts! Another great one.

  2. At my college, they hired a herd of goats (Is it a "herd"? "flock"?) and a shepherd to clear the nearby mountainsides to reduce the fire danger. They could have used cows!!!!

    1. And they could've gotten free milk! However, goats, I think, are much less picky than cows and do a better job in clearing the ground. The darn goats win this round!

      Agent 101