Monday, April 28, 2014

Dairy Cows' April Poetry Month Slam

Cow Poetry Month Slam 

Literary cows? You better believe it! We felt like we had to do something big for Poetry Month this April so we had our first annual poetry slam. It wasn't a contest, but rather a sharing of thoughts, musings, and recitations in front of the herd. Here's the one that almost brought the barn roof down:

Dairy Barn
Don't you think that it's crazy how people think
All that fake dairy is just as good as mine
Because I'm the best at milking it, milking it
Giving people the best is what I want
And it's got all kinds of nutrients, it's full of it
You can get plenty of protein on what I've wrought
Nothing will ever beat me

Baby drink the glass down
And I'll be the cow mooing you a cheer
Make a big bowl of ice cream and see how well you share (yeah)
Dairy's so healthy, let me make myself real clear
We're going down to the dairy barn, we're milking it like yeah (yeah)

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.

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