Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dairy Cows Watching James Bond on the Oscars

To say we are excited does not even begin to explain it. Tonight on the Oscars they are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of James Bond movies and a whole slew of the Bond actors are going to be there. Adele is even set to perform the theme to Skyfall. Seriously, we're secret agent cows and seeing one of the greatest spies in history at the Oscars is awesome!

Bond Bovine Humor
We don't have many gadgets like Bond on our missions and the closest we've ever been to "shaken not stirred" is when there was a very slight earthquake at milking time.

 I did have one of the girls put together a nice montage of our dairy cow secret agents doing their work set to the James Bond theme song.

Agent 101, reporting form the Udder Side.

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