Monday, December 3, 2012

Dairy Cows Going Green

Dairy cows are going green! Not green in color, but green in conservation.  According to the latest statistics dairy farms have reduced their carbon footprint by 63% over the last sixty years and only account for 2% of greenhouse gases. That's progress in the right direction, I say.

We cows make milk and gas. While the milk has been used for years and years and years and years, our gas is finally being captured and people and animals are reaping the benefits. Now there are all sorts of ways to use this.

While all of this sounds very interesting The Farmer has run the numbers and has not yet seen how he could implement any of these scenarios on his farm. However, he is looking into another source of green power with trees. Let's not get our hopes up anytime soon.

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. When I read about the farmer fueling vehicles with cow gas, I first thought they'd found a way to process the gas cows pass. "How on earth do they collect that," I thought. Oh, they process the manure. That doesn't seem nearly as impressive! Yes, my brain takes things in weird directions.

    1. On the Udder Side we try to keep it simple and light! We're definitely laughing with you!

      Agent 101