Monday, December 10, 2012

Late For Supper

It was a catastrophe! We had been milked and were ready for supper, but supper was not ready for us! The Farmer feeds our corn and pearl millet silage on conveyor belts and the last one had torn apart at the stitching before he could finish feeding.

Luckily, he did have spare parts available. The Farmer loosened the belt and cut out the old metal stitching.

He then crimped the new on each end of the belt and threaded the cable through them to fasten it together.

The threading must have been the hard part because we heard The Farmer having to talk the cable through each section. By talk, I mean we heard some snarling and mumbling as it must have been some kind of ornery cable to deal with.

Eventually he got it together and there was a happy stamping of hooves as we entered the feedway. We and The Farmer were both late for supper, but supper was still waiting for both of us.

Agent 268, reporting from the Udder Side.

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