Monday, August 13, 2012

Cow Karaoke

Yes, I've seen the pictures and I know how it looks. It looks like a couple of friends and I came in late out of the field and tried to sneak in with the other cows by going through the little gate.

What if I told you we had been out on a top secret mission? Would you believe that? I mean one that was so classified that I would be exiled for telling?

That wouldn't be exactly true, either.

Umm, what if I said we were out celebrating the fact that new research says that three servings of dairy a day may reduce some types of cancer? That's worth celebrating, I think. Milk, cheese, and ice cream are tasty and even better for you than you thought. It is just one more way that nature's most perfect food, milk produced by moi, is totally awesome!

So, if we got carried away in our celebration by doing some karaoke and came to work a little late nobody would call us crazy, right? Okay, here's what we sang:

Get me on a stage with a microphone and I just can't stop!

Agent 480, reporting from the Udder Side.

(Original Karaoke Photo Credit)


  1. Take some video next time. If you post it to youtube it might go viral.

    1. We did have a video, but Agent 233 watched it and said she was too off key on one song and deleted the entire thing! Next time I'll be in charge of the camera. -Agent 480

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