Monday, June 11, 2012

Dairy Cows Count

As the Udder Side June Dairy Month Cow Queen I can assure you that dairy cows count. We count the number of times we are milked a day and that is twice. We count the gallons of water we drink a day which is up to fifty gallons for the most thirsty of us. We count the six or seven hours we spend eating a day just to make sure we get enough. And we especially count the milk we're making each day and that's more than five whole gallons! We count a lot of things. You can read more things we count listed at SUDIA's dairy fun facts.

Counting Cows
The Farmer has been practicing his counting as well. In fact, to make sure he could count to five he wrote the numbers down in a little book. I've stolen borrowed a copy from him for you to read and even download and take with you if you like. Be sure and leave him a comment if you like it.

Agent 233, your Udder Side June Dairy Month Queen


  1. I wish I had little ones so I could share "Counting Cows".

    I had wondered if you cows were on a farm where you were able to graze on grass. If these pictures were taken on The Farmer's farm, then that answered my question.

    1. The Farmer made all the pictures on his farm. We spend the majority of our time on pasture here. Nothing like fresh air and sunshine!
      -Agent 233