Monday, April 9, 2012

Ordering From The Hay Barn

We had all noticed that The Farmer was beginning to get a little low on hay. It has not yet been warm enough to bale some here on the farm so we decided to help him look for some hay to purchase. We quickly found The Hay Barn and their fantastic menu.

The problems came after that, however. Arguments over which type we should get ensued. What goes best with corn silage? Square bales or round bales? Large bales or small bales? What about nutrient and moisture content of the hay? Taste, taste, taste, and flavor. What were we to do?

As it turns out none of this really mattered. The Farmer had already purchased some from another hay dealer. Was it some of the fancy hay we were looking at? No, but the bottom line was that the hay was tasty. I'm pretty sure that's all that counts for most us. Especially me.

Agent 234, reporting from the Udder Side.

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